Hi There Am Epigenio

am writing to express my interest in securing a Fruit Picker position or any farm related position. I am a College Undergraduate here in the Philippines. I've worked in farming industry for three years and I believe my work background, Farm Technician experiences have provided me with the credentials needed to thrive as a Fruit Picker.Moreover, because of my work experiences, I fully understand how important it is to have great dedication and open-minded towards work. My roles when I've worked as a farmer were:soil cultivation or preparation, crop management, applying fertilizers and pesticides, planting, harvesting, sorting and marketing and other farm related tasks. Operating farm equipments and tractor. I would be great for this job because it is my passion and my experience.

I am highly dedicated and hardworking in work. I'm flexible and adaptable, willing to learn and implement new farming techniques while solving the problems encountered. I'm really looking forward for a sponsorship to serve and contribute to a agriculture company while fulfilling my passion.