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Agricultural Engineering

My name is Sulaiman Fadele Folasade, I studied Agricultural Engineering for my first degree due to my love for Agriculture also due to pressure from my dad who wanted me to become an Engineer, but for  my love and passion for business and entrepreneurship and the business aspect of Agriculture, I decided to go for a Masters in Business Administration. I have since then gone into internship with 3 different farms in Nigeria an also own a poultry an fish farm of my own..
I am interested in this research because I love challenges and it will afford me the opportunity to learn more and impact my knowledge in the Agricultural industry.

I believe that my background in engineering and management has prepared me for such a career. I have found research fascinating since my engineering days, where I received the highest marks in the Department for my final-year undergraduate dissertation; [The development and Performance Evaluation evaluation of a die and roller Pelleting Machine] which as published on the international Journal of Biotechnology and Biochemistry ISSN 0973-2691 Volume 8, number 2 (2012) pp 205 -213 © Research India Publications. http;//www.ripublication.com/ijbb.htm.  I have chosen to apply to your esteemed and prestigious institution.