Hi There Am Lucy

Hello, I'm Lucy from Nairobi, Kenya. I hold a Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology and am privileged to be a mother and a wife. I'm a passionate individual dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. With a blend of creativity and determination, I strive to tackle challenges head-on and inspire those around me. Whether it's through my work, hobbies, or interactions with others, I aim to leave a lasting impression and contribute to the greater good. I've been working remotely as a virtual assistant since the onset of Covid-19, but I transitioned into podcast management in late 2022. I discovered my passion for podcast management during training, realizing that it resonated with me more than any other tasks. Since then, I've been self-teaching and mastering various aspects of podcast management, from audio editing and guest management to writing show notes, creating promotional content, designing newsletters, and scheduling podcasts on different hosting platforms.