Hi There Am James


James Kagechu

Breeding, Milking, Calving, Hoove trimming, Driving, Machine operater, Tail Clipping and general Farm Work.

I am a highly energetic, mature and

self-driven Kenyan citizen who exemplary performs to the satisfaction of the

company at any given task.I believe in healthy living and that the best way to

accomplish this is by eating healthy. This is what sparked my interest in farming and

why I pursued a career as a Dairy Farmer. I have spent four years on dairy farm to

gain hands-on experience working with livestock where I learned how to feed and

take care of the animals properly.

To enhance my career and to learn the business end of this industry, I earned a

diploma in Agribusiness management at Miramar International College.I have the

knowledge to meet the requirements and comply with all laws and regulations

regarding dairy farming. I have exceptional communication, leadership and decision

making skills.

My flexibility on chores has enabled me to be able to identify priorities and work

under minimum or no supervision .Given a chance, I will use my abilities and

potential to drive profitability, efficiency and enhance improvement at any given

objective. Thank you in advance. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my

application further. I can be reach by mail jamesmwangik7@gmail.com and phone